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Kylie Ota

Relationship Coach

Helping women ESCape

from toxic relationships

You are probably reading this in one of 3 places…

  • On the couch after falling asleep while watching Hallmark movies, secretly resenting the workaholic marketing exec onscreen who found her happily ever after in 2 short hours!
  • Feeding your face at your desk while scrolling your kids social feed, silently steaming at your ex posing as Super Dad [more like #loser who never pays child support so you have to work your @$$ off to pay the bills]
  • Slurping down a caramel macchiato in the car at the kids soccer practice, checking work emails, wishing you had the guts to tell your ex that he should be sitting here instead of you.

What if instead you could…

  • Watch the sunset over the soccer field while wrapped in a blanket with your new love
  • Sit down with your new man and the kids over a home-cooked meal, sans devices, cracking up at his silly, half-funny jokes
  • Netflix and chill on the couch with your head nestled into his chest, knowing he loves nothing more than supporting you living your best life.


I’m Kylie

I help single moms find the love they’ve always dreamed of AND raise incredible children in the process. 

It doesn’t have to be either/or. It can be AND.

After surviving one manipulative and controlling relationship after another, including two nasty divorces, I was able to find someone who loves all of me AND able to show me and my kids what real love looks like.


I can help you find a love like that, too.

Learn more about my love story here. 


Are you ready to make that one shift to finally find the love you’ve been searching for? 


Good men are still out there. Jerry McGuire isn’t out there waiting to “complete” you. 

He wants someone that is already healthy, happy, and whole.  

That armor you’re using to guard yourself makes you completely invisible to more than A Few Good Men.

It’s time to stop reliving your past relationships like a scene from Edge of Tomorrow. 


Your one shift starts here. 

So tell me what’s really going on in that beautiful mind. 

Trust me, hun, I’ve heard it all. 

Abuse, Addiction, Adultery, oh my.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you end up telling me your whole life story in our first meeting.

Allowing people to feel safe enough to share what’s on their hearts is my superpower. 

Let’s Talk